1. We don’t encourage designers to select new colors. We provide a set of greens that we generated that they are able to select from. We have additional tools to encourage them to use those greens and we have engineering tools that prevent them from using other greens. We are only able to solve this by providing enough colors, making those colors easy to work with, and preventing errors or rogue colors from being introduced.
  2. Yeah, for sure. We’d ideally hope to provide more guidance in future. We view this as just introducing designers and teams to the concepts we are proposing, and over time we and hopefully others will help provide educational resources to help others master the tool.
  3. Yeah for sure, for our hues we have fivetemplate color profiles (warm, cool, green, our branded pink, and gray). We use those to start all hues with some occasional minor tweaks.

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Design @Coinbase | San Francisco, CA

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