Thank you so much for sharing your point of view!

The statement was not to say that we all see color in the same way, but what colors we do see influence our decisions. Of course in cases of total blindness, color cannot play a role in influence because there is no perception of color. In the cases of color blindness, color still plays a role in influence and how decisions get made. Just because we don’t all see the same colors in the same way does not mean we don’t all leverage the colors we are able to see to improve our choices or better understand our world.

As for the way color contrast is calculated, people will indeed place color on top of other colors that are not absolute white or absolute black. Agreed. It’s something we have made solutions for at Lyft.

It gets much more difficult to provide that for everyone in every company. We are looking at ways to better support more complex contrast calculation needs in Colorbox going forward, which we hope will further make accessibility more approachable and understandable for people and teams.

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Design @Coinbase | San Francisco, CA

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