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Today, I couldn’t be more thrilled than to introduce you to a brand new ColorBox. This is a day I’ve looked forward to quite some time.

ColorBox for the past two years has surpassed my wildest expectations. It’s served countless designers and non-designers. I’ve heard so many stories of ColorBox helping large companies roll out new accessible color systems to freelances rapidly generating palettes for clients. I’ve even heard a story where someone used ColorBox to generate colors for her wedding. It’s truly humbling to hear these stories.

The past two years has felt surreal. Way back then, I wrote ColorBox because I was frustrated with existing color systems and color tools. Honestly, I never built ColorBox to do what it did. In a lot of ways, ColorBox was a humble prototype, and it built to support the concepts in Re-approaching Color. To think that prototype just generated its 50th million color blows my mind. …

Sharing a new way to building color systems for accessible UIs that scale. Build your own with

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Color is instrumental in how we perceive the world, and that could not be more true within interfaces. Color guides us to predict, understand, and make decisions.

Ever since you were little, you’ve been trained to pause at words in red and relax at numbers in green. You want to read text in black before text in gray. You click on things in blue. It’s so deeply embedded into how we experience products that we never give it another thought.

Color, at least on the surface, appears almost naively simple, yet as it scales across larger products it becomes unbelievably complex. You have thousands of people building products all at once, and those products are all heavily reliant on color. This puts a lot of pressure on the color system to ensure that all the products are being created consistently, but very hard to implement since it’s all too easy to apply colors on a one-off basis. …


Kevyn Arnott

Design @Coinbase | San Francisco, CA

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